Professional Continuing Education

The Purpose

The purpose of these programs is to share the powerful benefits of the New Equations practices and demonstrate how they are easily integrated into the practices of health care providers and those in other helping professions.

Program Overview


The first seminar of three

Nine Body-Based Tools for  Self-Management &  Symptom Reduction:  

Experiential Training for Health Care Professionals: 

An Introduction to the New Equations System: Awakening

This two-day program presents the basic description of the New Equations system. Participants are presented with several introductory experiences of awakening the nine movement/energy centers and offered several ways of applying this knowledge in clinical practice. The purpose of which is to increase personal presence and empathic connections with clients, as well as to use the practices for symptom reduction. Participants will view videos where dominant energy is being expressed by a variety of performers, musicians, actors, athletes and dancer. This viewing is for the purpose of allowing participants to see the similarities of individuals with the same dominant movement center and to see the differences in people with different dominant movement centers. Participants will also experience the effects of body resonant music that facilitates the awakening process. This program is 75% experiential.

The next presentation of this seminar will be on September 28-29, 2012 in Danvers, MA, USA. For more information on this program CLICK HERE!    


The second seminar of three

Focused Clinician Self-Management: Physical and Meditation Practices for Client and Clinician: 

Awakening to Activation

The first seminar, “Twelve Body-Based Tools for Clinician Self-Management & Client Symptom Reduction: An Introduction to the New Equations System as a Therapeutic Tool: Awakening” is a prerequisite for the second seminar.  This is a two-day program that reviews the impact of the practices and experiences of the first program and of the participants’ personal practice during the time between the two programs. In this program the practices of the first seminar are repeated and intensified. More experiences with participants and facilitators will be aimed at further awakening all nine of the energy centers to a level called activating.  Videos will be presented of people discovering their dominant movement center and participants will explore the further use of this system on clinical practice for increasing personal presence, engagement, and empathic connections and for providing clients with new tools and strategies for coping. This program is 75% experiential. 

Presentation of this seminar will be announced.


The third seminar of three

Grounded Self-Management: Essential Strength  

Awakening, Activation and Discovery of the Dominant Energy Center

The prior two seminars are prerequisites for participation in this third in the series. This is a three-day program. In this program the participants will have a review of the previous seminar, will discuss application of this work in clinical practice, will view more video of people discovering their dominant movement center and performing from the essential strength inherent in each movement center. Participants will identify and experience their own dominant movement center through the formal process of typing. They will be instructed in personal practices and ways of using this discovery for improving listening skills and capacity for engagement, empathic connection and stress reduction for clients/patients. Participants will be able to witness the observable diversity between the types, will experience the distinction between “senders/initiators” and “receivers/transformers.” Participants will learn about future training options, the Activation Training Series and the Teacher Training Program. This program is 75% experiential.

Presentation of this seminar will be announced.

Facilitator's Background Note

Material for these seminars is derived directly from New Equations training programs which I have attended over the past ten years. Over the course of that time I have found ways to apply certain principles and practices into my work with coaching and counseling clients as well as in my personal life. Over all I would describe the New Equations practices as self-embodying, mindful, subtle, engaging the intuitive or inner observer, calming, explaining the diversity of humanity and uncovering paths for accelerating the development of one's human potential.

Participants with Physical Limitations/Physical Disability

These programs are designed for healthy, drug free, pain free, ambulatory individuals. Any professional attending with a physical disability, suffering from chronic pain or prescribed mood altering drugs should contact the program registrar at least three weeks prior to the seminar so that program facilitators can adapt the program to allow these individuals the opportunity to have a positive learning experience. These programs are physical and experiential. Participants are required to sign a release of liability prior to attending the seminar.