for Coaches, Counselors, Psychotherapists

The Basics

I love working with other professionals. I have been supervising and mentoring coaches and counselors over the last 20 years. Over thirty-three years of experience as a psychotherapist, sixteen years as a coach and thirty years continuing education and professional training, are the basis for what is provided. The continuing education and professional training have been in the areas of: addictions, children and families, men and men's groups, life coaching, executive coaching, meditation and mindfulness, sexual harassment, critical incident stress debriefing, diversity, the enneagram and New Equations (an enneagram of the body for understanding individuals' strengths, their animating energy and the distinct differences in personal process and use of language).


The Process

I use a coaching approach, engaging the professional to co-design and co-define the alliance between us, to define the goals and the path towards accomplishment, and the time frame for working together. When required my approach shifts to consultation  around specific cases, use-of-self, business set up, ethics, risk management and other   life or business circumstances. 

Professional Training and Philosophy

I earned a BA in Psychology at Northeastern University, where the orientation was experimental and behavioral psychology. The cooperative placements were in state hospital facilities.  From there I went on to art school for 2½- years, focusing primarily on photography and design. Then I worked/trained on an in-patient mental health unit for 3½-years before looking towards a professional degree, Masters in Social Work. The MSW degree was earned at Boston College, where the course of most interest to me were addictions, children and adolescents, group and organizational work. 

My second year internship became my first professional job. I was hired as a psychotherapist by a Catholic counseling center where the orientation and supervision was strictly psychodynamic. After 3½-years there, I moved into a group private practice and a part time psychotherapist position for two years at the Landmark School. I have been in private practice eversince 

Personal Philosophical Beliefs

People change, for the better or worse. As individuals we have the power and responsibility to influence the changes within us.

Control is an illusion and we are still responsible to use our mind, body and soul to bring about a harmony within these three spheres. The more we are able to establish and sustain that harmony, the more we find ourselves at peace, in the flow, creating the potential for contagious harmony moving into the lives of those around us. 

The human body determines our purpose for being. The body needs to be understood and cared for. The body is the temple for that animating and divinely connected energy that is called soul, source of intuition, higher-self, observing-self or Self. The human body is the the pleasurable home of the soul.

The word spiritual for me connotes a sense of self-purpose, meaning for existence, and an integration of cognitive understanding along with a profound awareness of the intuitive-self. The notion of intuitive-self is another name for soul and could also stand for ones connection to collective consciousness, which is what generates a sense oneness of being. Oneness of being feels like a collective connection to the Creator of the universe, the Universe, the Source, Tao, the Divine, God, Holy Spirit, Christ consciousness, Allah, Jehovah and any of the other names for this inexplicable higher power.

​My role in the world is to be an instrument of the divine, to witness, experience, engage, love and be in harmony with all that is. Like everyone else, I do the best I can.