Continuing Education Programs


Additional modalities to coaching and counseling include providing educational seminars for professionals and other interested individuals. Over the years educational offering have included continuing education for licensed behavioral health providers, coaching groups for men, onsite vision and values training for corporate leadership teams, classroom visits at local high schools, community service education at local non-profit outreach programs and a sales training group with author, coach and teacher Steve Lentini. 

Previously Offered Two-Day Course -

Nine Body-Based Tools for Self-Management & Symptom Reduction  

Experiential Training for Health Care Professionals

Date: September 28-29, 2012  

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This program was approved by the National Association of Social Workers for 12 Social Work continuing education contact hours (Approval #886602891-1046), and by Commonwealth Educational Seminars’ Continuing Education Credit Provider Program for professional continuing education of Licensed Mental Health Counselors and Nurses (for 12 contact hours Certification #: CECP-12204). Approval is pending for Marriage & Family Therapists.


Course Description and Objectives: Participants gain an understanding of New Equations, a well-developed and entirely experiential system that conveys the physicality of human magnificence. Participants experience a powerful mind-body-spirit connection through movement, meditation and music. Participants begin to awaken the nine energy portals of the body and learn new methods for self-management, symptom reduction and healing. They also discover:

1. methods for increasing personal presence

2. relational and empathic connections

3. the impact of Body Resonant Music™

4. body-based management of intense emotions.


Learning Objectives: : Participants are able to:

1. identify the nine energy portals

2. learn to access and start to “awaken” each energy portal in the body

3. become familiar with the strengths of each energy portal

4. understand the nine variations of human diversity through exercises and video presentations

5. learn life-enhancing, self-management and symptom reduction methods.