Counseling Services 


Background Note

Having diversity within my practice is one of the rewards of 29 years experience and 2400 hours of ongoing post graduate training. I work with people of various ages around many different personal growth, relational, workplace and emotional issues. Some of the services that I offer include: 

Individual counseling for adults around issues of mood, loss, life adjustment, trauma and relationship enhancement and transitions.

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Counseling with children around behavioral changes, loss, family transitions, divorce and trauma (Counseling with children involves significant inclusive involvement with parents. In addition to meeting in the room with the child and I, the parents come in independently to meet around collaborative parenting and discipline strategies) Read more ->

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Counseling with adolescents around behavioral changes, peer relationships, substance abuse, loss, family transitions, divorce, mood and trauma. 

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Family counseling for blended families, divorced families, young families in transition, families in need of substance abuse intervention. 

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Consultation with attorneys, law enforcement administrators, teachers, school administrators, and other health care professionals.

Group counseling for adults.

Administrative forms for counseling:

Statement of Understanding

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Symptom Survey

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For more information on any of these services please email or call.